Onyx Benefit Resources LLC.     "Your Digital Filing Source"

About Us

For more than 25 years owner Patrece Cade has been in the Information Technology industry. Years of experience and knowledge places her on the cutting edge of meeting clients business needs. This company is a result of the many years Patrece worked with business clients to provide systems and processes that increase productivity.  With more than 10 years of IT auditing she thinks like an auditor to ensure the right information is retained and stored for "a rainy day".  In an ever changing world it is essential to be prepared for what comes next. Onyx Benefit Resources will support all of your digital filing needs and provide you with top notch service.  Our goal is pleasing our clients.

When you need it done right, on time, and under budget you need Onyx Benefit Resources!

Our amazing staff is here to assist you every step of the way. Call us today and find out how you can electronically organize your business or individual documents, invoices, receipts, birth certificates, insurance forms and much more.


We are the answer to your paperwork nightmare!

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (248) 225 - 3999 for a free no obligation quote!

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